About Me

I have been a school counselor since 1997 and have been blessed to work at every level, including high school department chair. I have worked in three states and for five school districts. Currently, I am the supervisor for one of the Big Five school districts in the state of New York. Prior to that, I was the coordinator for the 4th largest school district in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I love finding resources and websites for school counselors. Lastly, I completed a PhD in Counseling in December 2014 and was able to gain experience as an adjunct professor for Old Dominion University and Regent University.

I am a past Virginia School Counselor Association conference chair, president, president-elect, counselor supervisor VP, counselor supervisor VP-elect, conference program and technology/social media chair. In addition, I served as the Region 2 Administrator for School Counseling for the Virginia Department of Education. I have presented at VDOE conferences via face-to-face and through webinars and was appointed to the review committee for the state's Suicide Prevention Guidelines. 

I am honored to be a RAMP Reviewer, a Special Interest Network (SpIN) Facilitator in accountability and an editorial review board member for ASCA. I have been a guest blogger for Teen Life Media and BluePrint Summer Programs. Moreover, I am a book reviewer for Youthlight, Inc.

My interests include implementing division-wide comprehensive school counseling core curriculum, creating professional development opportunities for school counselors, academic and career planning, revising counselor job specifications, accountability and evaluation instruments and incorporating instructional strategies into classroom guidance lessons.

Certifications and Awards:
National Certified Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
Approved Clinical Supervisor
Education and Vocational Guidance Practitioner
Distance Credentialed Counselor
ASCA Legal and Ethical Specialist
ASCA School Counselor Data Specialist
ASCA School Counselor Leadership Specialist
2012 HRCA Counselor of the Year
2012 VCA Counselor of the Year
2012 Counselor Practitioner Supervisor - Omega Delta, Chi Sigma Iota
Please feel free to email me at eschcounselor@gmail.com. Onyx and I are honored to help you! Enjoy!


  1. Look at PUPPYDOOO! And congrats on your one year anniversary of the blog and all your successes! I'm excited for and proud of you!

  2. Free resource for your followers.Short YouTube film created by HS students. Search "Pressure to be Perfect Valerie Orr" or use this YouTube short link: https://youtu.be/7rQskIdWU_U