Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE Resources at Power My Learning


PHEW!!! I am back after a three week lapse. Work, my involvement with my state school counseling organization and writing my dissertation left me no time to share information with you. You should see my list of topics in my cue...there are over 55! Nonetheless, it is good to be back and share this site with you. One of the counselors in my division shared it with me and it's full of FREE tools.

Now it states that it assists with Common Core learning, but here is something for you states that are not Common Core...the 5 states that opted out did so because their state curriculum matches or surpasses the Common Core, soooooooooo using these resources will not negatively effect your students.

Power My Learning is a site where you can find and use thousands of FREE games, videos, and interactives in all major K-12 subjects and aligned to the Common Core.


Power My Learning

Sally Ride's STEM Central

If you have not checked out www.sallyridescience.com then you are missing out. NOW they have Sally Ride Science’s STEM Central™—home of the best STEM resources on the web—is now open… and it’s free, too!

They have reviewed thousands upon thousands of web resources for STEM instruction, and picked thousands of those that are especially suited to the needs of educators and students.

Every resource has been vetted—reviewed and rated by educators, and ready for use in the classroom. You can search by topic, grade level, rating, or by the type of resources you need.

And starting November 1, 2013, you can: submit your favorite links from the web; rate and review existing resources on STEM Central; and share tips for classroom use!

LD Awareness Month

Know a student who struggles with everyday tasks like planning, time management and keeping track of multiple assignments? 
They could be having executive function difficulties, which are common for people with learning disabilities! 

Check out these resources from the National Center for Learning Disabilities.