Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculm Training

It's no secret that I love providing professional development ideas and opportunites to school counselors. I get so excited when I see FREE PD or on-line PD. There is nothing better than an up-to-date school counselor! Well when this email came across my desk about a free one-hour training on digital literacy and citizenship for K-12, I had to let you know about it. They even have it broken down by levels, too!

Free Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculm Training


Have to Work with Foreign Transcripts?

Here is a great resource if you work in a school division that has a lot of international students and you need to work with foreign transcripts...and it's FREE!!!!

Index of Secondary Credentials (FREE)

Country Index

Enjoy this resource!

You've Never Seen Roadtrip Nation?!?

If you have never seen Roadtrip Nation, well you are missing out on some great documentaries. Real people actual go across the country and interview famous or powerful people to hear about their stories, their successes, failures and seek advice. It really is engaging TV. Well now they have a curriculum to help empower students to get out into their communities and connect what they learn to their real world.

This is their mantra:

Roadtrip Nation empowers you to define your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else's.
  • We encourage you to engage in self-construction, rather than mass production.
  • We encourage you to be proactive and actively participate in defining your future by hitting the road and learning from Leaders who have resisted The Noise of conformity and stayed true to themselves.
  • Our philosophy is that when we listen to ourselves and are honest about whom we are, and what we love, we are able to seek our own path and contribute to the world with our unique talents.
  • We believe that by helping others discover their own paths, there will be a significant positive change in the world—the world needs people in tune with who they are and what they care about.
  • Living a life fueled by authenticity and passion allows people the ability to offer their creativity, ingenuity, and enthusiasm toward their goals.
  • We hope that this, in turn, will build a better local, national, and global community.
The Roadtrip Nation Movement exists to support, empower, and encourage individuals who want to define their own roads in life.Extending the Movement into education, we started a nonprofit, (taken from website)

Road Trip Nation Curriculum


STEM + Girls = National Girls Collaborative Project

What do you get when you add STEM and girls? The National Girls Collaborative Project! This organization is an awesome catalyst to assist our girls into science and math fields. Can you say girl power?

The National Girls Collaborative Project™ (NGCP) is designed to reach girl-serving STEM organizations across the United States. An intense recruitment and selection process began in fall 2005 to identify sponsoring organizations to lead local Collaboratives.

In April 2011, the National Girls Collaborative Project received additional funding from the National Science Foundation to reach additional states identified as high need priority areas.
The organizations selected to host local Collaboratives are impressive in their knowledge, experience, and diversity.

As a group, the local Collaboratives have an extensive network of organizations and individuals engaged in pursuing this common goal and the opportunity to share with and learn from each other. They vary in focus areas and populations served, and include higher education institutions, community-based organizations, and private non-profits, but all work to increase gender equity in STEM fields.

The National Girls Collaborative Project currently has 28 Collaboratives serving 38 states, and plans to expand to at least an additional three states in upcoming years.

Be sure to sign-up for the free newsletter!

National Girls Collaborative Project


More Crisis Resources for You

We shouldn't always have to wait for an emergency or a crisis to have resources. Here are some great links to add to your toolkit.

Comprehensive List of Crisis Resources

SAMSHA Article

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Did I Miss Bloglovin'?

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I must have SERIOUSLY been under a rock!  I cannot believe I missed this site! All of the school counseling blogs in one place!!!!! And there are SOOOOOO many new school counseling blogs! This lady cannot keep up!!!! When you get a chance check it out and you are sure to be extraordinary!!!


National School Reform Faculty (Protocols)


A few years ago my school division set up a version of diversity training through a platform called "critical friends groups" with the National School Reform Faculty. A critical friends group is a professional learning community consisting of approximately 8-12 educators who come together voluntarily at least once a month for about 2 hours. Group members are committed to improving their practice through collaborative learning. 

You improve your practice by using protocols that consist of agreed upon guidelines for a conversation. This type of structure permits very focused conversations to occur. Protocols are used for looking at student and adult work, giving and receiving feedback, solving problems or dilemmas, observing classrooms or peers, to push thinking on a given issue and to structure a discussion around a text.

We use protocols during professional development, during work-a-like meetings, at faculty meetings and with students. They are a great way to add another dimension to peer feedback. Check out the site for training information and free protocols. 

National School Reform Faculty Protocols

 *It is recommended that you be a trained facilitator in order to use the protocols effectively

Get Involved!

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It's a brand new school year and you know what that means? Did you join your school counseling professional organization? I cannot think of a better way to support and advocate for your profession than you join your local chapter.

For about half of my career as a school counselor, I did not belong to any professional organizations. Well maybe the local teacher association, because they like to scare you about if you join them you can't lose your job...right? When I secured my central office job, part of the responsibility was to become a member of various organizations so that you can keep a thumb on the pulse of world of school counseling. I became an association junkie! Then I became a part of the executive board and I LOVED IT! I still do. There is nothing I like more than to help the school counselors in my state via conference planning, award recognition, answering questions and sharing information. Our board has become a family to me. There is nothing better than collaborating, volunteering, planning, learning and sometimes drinking wine with others who have the same passion and love I do for our profession. We all have great school counselors in our states and we all need to support and uplift each other; supporting your state school counseling organization can be the best thing you ever did to enrich your career. was for me.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Angry Birds Lesson for Elementary Students

To tell the truth I had no clue what Angry Birds was about a year ago until a friend's 2-year old son started playing it...and then we played together...and then I was hooked!

This is a great lesson to help children master anger management and the cut-outs are too cute! It's relevant, it's engaging and most of all it helps kids!

Angry Bird Lesson

*Thanks to Keri at the Home Teacher Blog for this adorable lesson!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Middle School Transition

PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!PBS Kids GO!

I discovered this cute website by PBS Kids while researching an article on middle school transition. It shares all the facts on how middle school is different from elementary school. They also have one for going into high school as well. If you click on the schools link on the left-hand side there are an array of topics for your students.

Middle School Life


Monday, August 5, 2013

Incarceration Took Kits for Smaller Children


It use to be a myth that only "certain" children had parents who were incarcerated. Unfortunately in today's society people from all walks of life are exposed to the incarceration of a parent or relative. Lady Law does what she has to do to protect us and the children who we serve. Fortunately, Sesame Street understands and has created this site to assist those children who have questions; and for those loved ones who may have a hard time answering them.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Year, 200+ posts and 20,000 Hits!!!!

I started this blog a little over a year ago out of my own desire to provide resources and information to the many school counselors out there who do not have a central office representative or for those not familiar with the ASCA, NOSCA and Ed Trust Models. So one year, 200+ posts and a little over 20,100 hits later, it is a blessing to know that I can provide support and information to help school counselors become...
Thank you so much for being a reader!

Free Lessons for Keeping America Beautiful!

Lately my interest is being drawn to recycling awareness and sustainability for students. Part of it is my personal belief and the other is that STEM career readiness is taking the forefront of education. I have created several lessons using various sites and books for the elementary counselors in my school division. Here is a site that provides comics and lessons on waste management, litter prevention and beautification. It think we should all urge our students to help create a better and cleaner world for those of us in it.

Free Sustainability Lessons